Ø      Pull fire alarm to begin evacuation.


Ø      Notify ____________________________ in __________ at ______________________.

Crisis Team Coordinator                               Office #                   Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Close all windows.


Ø      Take all belongings and inform Crisis Team Coordinator or police/fire personnel of any unusual packages or items.


Ø      Follow fire drill procedures and route.  Follow alternate route if normal route is too dangerous.  Assist disabled and persons with special needs.


Ø      Call 911.


Ø      Do not re-enter building until Fire Officer in Charge declares entire building safe.


Crisis Team Coordinator:

Ø      Ensure employees and guests are evacuated to a safe distance outside of building. 


Ø      Determine whether employees and guests should be moved to relocation centers.   Notify relocation center.


Ø      Contact _______________________ in ______ at __________________ and inform him/her that                     Public Information Designee              Office #            Work/Mobile/Page #

evacuation is taking place.



Ø      Direct employees and guests to follow normal fire drill procedures unless Crisis Team Coordinator or police/fire personnel alter route.


Ø      Close doors and turn off lights and, if it is safe, turn off electrical equipment, gas, water faucets, air conditioning and heating system.


Ø      When outside building, account for all employees and guests.  Inform Crisis Team Coordinator immediately if anyone is missing.


Ø      If evacuated to relocation center, account for employees and guests again when you arrive at relocation center.



Relocation Centers


List primary and secondary relocation centers for building. 

Ø      The primary site is located close to building.  The secondary site is located further away from building (in case primary site is inaccessible or during a large-scale emergency).


Primary Relocation Center                                                                                                                           Secondary Relocation Center


________________________________________ _____________________________________


Address:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Address:


________________________________________ _____________________________________


________________________________________ _____________________________________


Phone:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Phone:


Evacuation/Relocation Centers

________________________________________ _____________________________________


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