Intruder- An unauthorized person who enters workplace property


Ø      Notify security.


Ø      Ask security to accompany you before approaching intruder.


Ø      Politely greet intruder and identify yourself.


Ø      Ask intruder the purpose of their visit.


Ø      Inform intruder of guest policy (i.e. all guests must register with receptionist).


Ø      If intruder’s purpose is not legitimate, ask him/her to leave.  Accompany intruder to exit.


If intruder refuses to leave:


Ø      Warn intruder of consequences for staying on property.  Inform him/her that you will call police.


Ø      Notify police and _____________________

   Crisis Team Coordinator

in ________ at ______________ if intruder

Office #           Work/Mobile/Page #

still refuses to leave.  Give police full description of intruder.


Ø      Walk away from intruder if you think they will become violent.  Be aware of intruder’s actions at this time (where he/she is located in building, whether he/she is carrying a weapon or package, etc).


Ø      Coordinator may issue Lock-Down Procedures (see next column or Lock-Down Procedures section).


Back to School Safety


Ø      If hostage taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.


Ø      Call 911 immediately.  Give dispatcher details of situation; ask for assistance from hostage negotiation team.


Ø      Seal off area near hostage scene.


Ø      Notify security and ____________________

       Crisis Team Coordinator

in ________ at ______________________.

Office #                   Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Give control of scene to police and hostage negotiation team.


Ø      Keep detailed notes of events.


Lock-Down Procedures:


Ø      Crisis Team Coordinator will issue lock-down procedures by announcing warning over PA system or sending a messenger to each office.


Ø      PA announcement may be a coded or basic alert (see Warning and Notification section for coded warnings) message.


Ø      Direct all employees and guests into rooms.


Ø      Lock doors.


Ø      Cover windows of rooms.


Ø      Move all persons away from windows and doors.



Lock-Down Procedures

Allow no one outside of rooms until Coordinator gives an all-clear signal.