Ø      Assess life and safety issues first.   Call 911, if necessary.


Ø      Inform _____________________________ in _________ at _______________________________

Crisis Team Coordinator                    Office  #                               Work/Mobile/Page #


      or _____________________________ in _________ at _______________________________.

Alternate Coordinator                                          Office  #                          Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Warn employees and guests.  If an emergency requires immediate action to protect the safety of employees and guests, activate _____________________________________________.

Warning system, i.e. pa announcement


Ø      Use coded words in warning, if necessary.  Codes should be used in situations in which immediate notification is necessary, but the safety of employees and guests may be compromised if everyone in building knows of emergency.  For example, a hostile intruder may panic if intruder’s presence is announced over the PA system.  The codes will inform personnel of the type of emergency and appropriate actions.  The codes are as follows:


Code words                                     Emergency                                                        Actions


_________________________ ____________________ __________________________________


_________________________    ____________________   __________________________________


_________________________    ____________________   __________________________________



Ø      If immediate action is not required, notify Crisis Team and all Supervisors at a meeting before or after work hours.  Supervisors will inform employees during work.


Ø      Crisis Team Coordinator notifies designated emergency contact of affected person(s), if necessary.


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