Sheltering provides refuge for employees and guests within the building during an emergency.  Shelters are located in areas that maximize the safety of inhabitants.  Safe areas may change depending on emergency.



Ø      Identify safe areas in building for potential emergencies.


Ø      Crisis Team Coordinator warns employees and guests to assemble in safe areas.  Assist disabled and persons with special needs.


Ø      Bring all persons inside building(s).


Ø      Close all exterior doors and windows.


Ø      Turn off ventilation.


Ø      Cover up food not in containers or put it in the refrigerator.


Ø      If advised, cover mouth and nose with handkerchief, cloth, paper towels or tissues.


Ø      Supervisors should account for employees and guests after arriving in safe area.



Sheltering Procedures

All persons must remain in safe areas until notified by Crisis Team Coordinator or emergency responders.


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