Suicide attempt in workplace:


Ø      Notify CPR/first aid certified persons in building of medical emergencies (names of CPR/first aid certified persons are listed in Crisis Team Members section) .


Ø      Call 911.


Ø      Notify_____________________ in _______

Crisis Team Coordinator         Office #

at ______________________________ and

Work/Mobile/Page #


Suicide intervention service

at ______________________________.

                  Phone Numbers


Ø       Calm suicidal person by listening to person, without showing judgement or lecturing.


Ø       Try to isolate suicidal person from other persons.


Ø      Remove means of committing suicide, i.e. pills, weapons.


Ø      Stay with suicidal person until counselor/ suicide intervention arrives. Do not leave suicidal person alone.


Ø      Determine method of notifying other employees.  Hold daily debriefings with supervisors before and after normal operating hours as needed.  


Ø      Activate crisis team to implement post-crisis intervention (see next column).  Determine level of intervention.


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Suicide/Attempted Suicide

Ø      Verify information.


Ø      Crisis Team Coordinator will activate crisis team.


Ø      Determine method of notifying employees.  Do not mention “suicide” or details about death/serious injury in notification.  Do not hold memorials or make death appear heroic. Protect privacy of family.


Ø      Implement post-crisis intervention.


Post-crisis Intervention:


Ø      Meet with __________________________

    Community mental health workers

to determine level of intervention.


Ø      Designate rooms as private counseling areas.


Ø      Escort affected person’s close friends and other “highly stressed” employees or guests to counselors.


Ø      Refer media to ______________________ 

Public information Designee

in ____________ at __________________.

Office #                         Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Do not let media question employees or guests.


Ø      Follow-up with employees and guests who received counseling.


Ø      Resume normal routines as soon as possible.