Tornado Watch has been issued in an area near building:

Ø      Monitor Emergency Alert Stations (see Media/ Emergency Alert Stations section) on battery-operated radio or NOAA Weather Stations (National Weather Service, Weather Channel).


Ø      Bring all persons inside building(s).


Ø      Close windows and blinds.


Ø      Review location of safe areas.  Tornado safe areas are in basements, in an inner room on the lowest floor, in hallways, and away from windows and large rooms.


Tornado Warning has been issued or tornado has been spotted in nearby area:

Ø      Move employees and guests to safe areas, away from windows and large rooms.


Ø      Supervisors should account for employees and guests.


Ø      Ensure that all persons are under sturdy furniture and use arms to protect head.


Ø      Contact ____________________ in ________

Maintenance Supervisor Office #

at _________________ to shut off gas.

Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Remain in safe area until warning expires or until emergency personnel have issued an all-clear signal.


Ø      If building has been damaged, assemble crisis team to assess damage, administer first aid and order evacuation, if necessary.



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