Ø      Stay calm.


Ø      Locate flashlights.


Ø      Open windows, shades, blind or doors for extra light and air.


Ø      Call utility provider if phones are working.  If not, go to another office or building to report outage.


Ø      Notify ___________________________ in _____________ at ___________________________.

Maintenance/Facilities Supervisor                Office #                                 Work/Mobile/Page #


Ø      Notify ___________________________ in _____________ at ___________________________

Crisis Team Coordinator                             Office #                                 Work/Mobile/Page #

and Supervisor.


Ø      If a gas odor is present, immediately evacuate entire building.


Ø      If there is a water/sewer leak, protect important documents/items and use caution if electrical objects are near standing water.  Notify security of electrical hazards and seal off dangerous areas.


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