Contact Person Information

  • Health: A "significant health necessity" means all other healthcare related services that are not expressly exempted in these regulations or by the Delaware Emergency Operations Plans promulgated by DEMA pursuant to 20 Del.C. Ch. 31. It shall also mean activities by the commercial poultry or dairy industry that are necessary to maintain their operations, including but not limited to the delivery of feed, in order to minimize or eliminate the risk of death or injury to poultry or livestock, which could result in conditions hazardous to human health.

  • Safety: A "significant safety necessity" means activities by persons or entities which seek to minimize or to eliminate hazardous conditions where there is a real and significant impact on risk of death or injury.

  • Business Necessity: A "significant business necessity" means that a business may suffer irreparable financial or economic harm during the pendency of a driving ban or restriction. As a practical matter, because clientele/customers are restricted from driving during the pendency of a driving ban or restriction, a loss of retail sales is not sufficient, in and of itself, to constitute an irreparable financial or economic loss or harm.

Single-Site Personnel Information

By acknowledging this statement, I certify the information I have provided in this application for a Level II Driving Waiver is complete and accurate. I understand any information submitted under false pretenses shall disqualify my application, may prohibit me from obtaining future considerations, and may result in criminal sanctions pursuant to 11 Del C. Section 877. Upon review, should my waiver request be approved, I further understand the waiver will be utilized by essential personnel solely to perform the core operational function of the Waiver Necessity. Employees must have appropriate employee identification, driver's license, and the waiver certificate on their person to authenticate the waiver. All applicable laws regarding driving and operation of motor vehicles must be adhered to at all times. An approved waiver does not in any way circumvent motor vehicle laws and regulations, nor does it supersede any directive or order closing a particular roadway issued by the Department of Transportation, law enforcement, and/or fire department.