The mission of the Delaware IMT team is to protect lives, property, and the environment during emergencies and pre-planned events by providing state, county, and regional agencies with personnel trained and experienced in ICS that can assist, advise and coordinate during the affected jurisdiction’s response and recovery efforts. The State of Delaware is an all volunteer Type III IMT. The IMT consists of 22 personnel to conduct 24 hr incident management operations. These teams and members serve at the discretion of DEMA and deploy only when an official request is made to the Director of DEMA and the Director approves deployment.

The State Incident Management Team provides members with qualifications in key command and general staff positions. The knowledge, skills and abilities that team members receive, in a minimum of 2 ICS positions, are valuable skills they can use every day in their daily jobs. The teams serve under the command and control of the host jurisdiction upon deployment for response to local jurisdictional emergencies and pre-planned events. They integrate into the affected jurisdiction’s ICS structure.  IMTs are intended to support the response/recovery operations at the incident.

As an all volunteer group the state IMT is recruiting applicants from State and Local agencies. Applicants and their State or Local agency Director must agree to a 2 year commitment in order to attend training, exercises and incidents. To view the IMT brochure click Delaware Incident Management Team

To learn more about member qualifications and the application process, contact:

Eric J. Morgan
Office: 302- 659-2246
Cell: 302-650-2434

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