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The Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS) has instituted this online system for the submission of State of Emergency Level 2 Driving Restriction waiver requests. A wavier is required for individuals not exempted under the law to operate a motor vehicle on Delaware roadways during a state of emergency, level 2 driving restriction only. The Secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security has the authority to grant a driving waiver to organizations, entities, and individuals which have a valid significant health, safety or business necessity. Detailed travel restriction information is available under 20 Delaware Code, Section 3116(b)(12) and the regulations governing travel restrictions during a state of emergency.

This site also provides an exemption registration process for those not specifically identified within the regulation that provide healthcare services, food delivery services, or fuel delivery services.

You are encouraged to review the state of emergency driving restriction regulations, as well as the frequently asked questions section of this site via the links provided below, before completing an application form to determine if you require a waiver or qualify for an exemption.

Please note: Waivers must be obtained in advance of emergency incidents. No waiver application shall be granted within 21 days after receipt of the application for waiver. Applications will not be processed for approval during an emergency period. As a reminder, waivers are not valid during a State of Emergency, Level 3 Driving Ban.

All applicable laws regarding driving and operation of motor vehicles must be adhered to at all times. An approved waiver or exemption does not in any way circumvent motor vehicle laws and regulations.

| ref 20 Del Code Section 3116(b)(12) |

State of Emergency Driving Restriction Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

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