Contact Person Information

  • "Food Deliveries" shall mean the delivery of any perishable food items to prevent spoilage and for the purpose of restocking inventory in anticipation of the expiration of the travel ban. For purposes of these regulations, "food deliveries" shall not include deliveries to a retailer, taproom or tavern, as those terms are defined in 4 Del.C. 101.

  • "Fuel Deliveries" shall mean any delivery of fuel to include propane, oil, natural gas, or motor fuel for the purpose of maintaining heat and fueling vehicles permitted to operate during the state of emergency.

  • "Healthcare service(s)" for the purposes of this regulation shall not include any routine outpatient services related to healthcare maintenance or managed care. Healthcare services shall mean the following:
    1. Healthcare facilities licensed primarily to provide life-saving emergency or critical care or life sustaining services, specifically: a. Hospitals; b. Licensed skilled nursing home facilities; and, c. Facilities primarily licensed to provide dialysis services.
    2. Any clinical provider licensed by the State and employed by a licensed and certified hospice or skilled home health care agency.
    3. Private ambulance services primarily used for emergency medical transport. This shall mean any privately owned vehicle, as certified by the Delaware State Fire Prevention Commission, that is specifically designed, constructed or modified and equipped, and intended to be used for and is maintained or operated for the transportation upon the streets and highways of this state for persons who are sick, injured, wounded or otherwise incapacitated or helpless; or any ambulance service which provides routine transport for persons who are sick, convalescent, incapacitated and non-ambulatory but do not ordinarily require emergency medical treatment while in transit.
    4. Pharmacies.

By acknowledging this statement, I certify the information I have provided in this application for Exemption from State of Emergency Driving Restrictions is complete and accurate. I understand any information submitted under false pretenses shall disqualify my application, may prohibit me from obtaining future considerations, and may result in criminal sanctions pursuant to 11 Del C. Section 877. All applicable laws regarding driving and operation of motor vehicles must be adhered to at all times. An approved exemption does not in any way circumvent motor vehicle laws and regulations, nor does it supersede any directive or order closing a particular roadway issued by the Department of Transportation, law enforcement, and/or fire department.