A weather-related incident such as ice and snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, Nor'easters and flooding that causes significant damage.

Delaware's most prevalent natural hazards: Nor'easter, hurricane and inland flooding.

From 1992-1996, Delaware witnessed 6 natural disasters causing damage significant enough to warrant a presidential declaration of federal assistance.

Coastal Storm Brochure

Where To Get Help


  • Develop and maintain  the Delaware Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP). DEOP is the State's basic emergency plan with specialized plans for natural, nuclear, biological and hazardous material incidents.
  • Monitor daily weather and trends.
  • Review and make recommendations for land use issues and planning.
  • Assist local and county representatives with the creation of emergency operation plans for their jurisdictions.
  • Assist business in development and review of emergency plans and systems.
  • Respond to and organize recovery efforts following damage due to natural hazards through coordination of local, state and federal support.
  • Coordinate programs associated with Project Impact, a national effort to reduce the costs of disasters by building disaster-resistant communities through partnerships with community leaders, citizens and businesses.
  • Member of DelMarVa Emergency Task Force (DETF) consisting of representatives from the three states that make up the DelMarVa Peninsula: Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. DETF assists in development of regional planning, facilitates communication, establishes emergency operational procedures, promotes public awareness and maintains emergency-related resources.
  • Administer Hazard Mitigation grant program, part of the Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. The grant assists states and local communities in implementing long-term hazard mitigation measures following a major disaster declaration.
  • Member of State Drought Committee, consisting of Governor's staff, state and local government, agencies, public and private water and water distribution agencies, "green" (landscape, nurseries) representatives, and representatives of the Delaware River Basin Commission. Their purpose is to monitor current and forecast water and drought conditions and make recommendations concerning water usage and/or restrictions.
  • Land Use Planning Act Recommendations