An actual or potential release of radioactive material at a commercial nuclear power plant or a transportation accident or other radiological incident.

Delaware's borders are within 50 miles of 4 nuclear power plant sites: Salem/Hope Creek, NJ; Calvert Cliffs, MD; Peach Bottom, PA; and Limerick, PA

As of the 2010 census - 40,943 Delaware residents live within the 10-mile emergency planning zone of the Salem/Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey.

Radioactive material is transported through Delaware by water, air and road. Since 1995, 6 shipments of radioactive material have been transported across Delaware's waters. DEMA has responded to two incidents of lost radioactive material since 1994.

Delaware Emergency Management Agency
165 Brick Store Landing Road
Smyrna, DE 19977
1-302-659-DEMA (1-302-659-3362)
1-877-SAY DEMA (1-877-729-3362) inside Delaware

Police, Fire and Ambulance
New Castle County: dial 911
Kent County: dial 911
Sussex County: dial 911

New Castle County Office of Emergency Preparedness


Kent County Division of Emergency Management

1-302-735-3465 during business hours
1-302-734-6040 after business hours



  • Monitor status of Salem/Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant operations.
  • Monitor background radiological levels with real-time air monitoring system.
  • Maintain and test alert and notification siren system.
  • Prepare for and coordinate multi-agency functional exercises and training programs.
  • Participate in biennial federal graded exercise.
  • Members of the technical assessment team co-chaired by officials from the Division of Public Health and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. Other members include representatives from the Delaware National Guard, and the Delaware and US Departments of Agriculture.
  • Coordinate response actions of more than 30 agencies during a radiological incident.
  • Respond to non-nuclear power plant incidents, such as construction or transportation accidents involving radiological materials, as technical advisers to the State Emergency Response Team.
  • Maintain and provide radiological and self-protection equipment.
  • Maintain database of special populations in need of transportation during radiological emergencies.
  • Provide updated information and training to schools and daycares within the emergency planning zone.