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Delaware Emergency Management Agency

Delaware Emergency Management Banner showing weather related emergencies

SERC Members

Membership of the State Emergency Response Commission is established in state code (29 Del. Code, §8226). The Secretary of the Department of Public Safety serves as chair, and the Director of DNREC’s Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances serves as vice chair.

Nathaniel McQueen Jr.
Secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security

Colonel Melissa Zebley (Proxy: Lt. Col. Daniel Meadows)
Superintendent of the Division of State Police

Nicole Majeski (Proxy: Gene Donaldson)
Secretary of Department of Transportation

Jamie Bethard
Chief, DNREC Emergency Prevention and Response Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

Grover P. Ingle (Proxy: Michael G. Chionchio)
State Fire Marshal

A. J. Schall Jr. (Proxy: Christopher Murtha)
Director of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency

Dr. Karyl Rattay (Proxy: Tim Cooper)
Director of Division of Public Health

David Irwin
Chairperson of the New Castle County LEPC

Colin Faulkner
Chairperson of the Kent County LEPC

Charles Stevenson
Chairperson of the Sussex County LEPC

Rep. Joseph DiPinto (Proxy: Willie Patrick, Jr.)
Chairperson of the City of Wilmington LEPC

Dave Roberts
State Fire Prevention Commission

Robert L. Byrd
Rail Transportation

Ben Clendaniel
Air Transportation

Michael Layton
Highway Transportation

Lynn Cointot
Water Transportation

Capt. Brian Wong

William Robinson
Chemical Users

James Lee

Tucker Dempsey (Proxy: William H. Baker)
Director of the Delaware State Fire School

Sen. Bruce Ennis (Proxy: Warren Jones)
Delaware Volunteer Firemen’s Association