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Delaware Emergency Management Agency

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New Castle County LEPC Background and Goals

Background information and major goals of the New Castle County Local Emergency Planning Committee.


In New Castle County, an existing organization, the New Castle County Hazardous Materials Advisory Council was asked to become the Local Emergency Planning Committee. A major strength of the New Castle County committee is the strong industry participation in the committee and in the county HazMat Team (NCCIHMRA).

Major Goals

Conduct an Emergency Response Assessment for county chemical facilities which use Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS).

Plot, maintain and update the facility risk zones and special populations in CAMEO/Tier II Manager database.

Review and update the Hazardous Substance Response Plan on an annual basis.

Sponsor, arrange and participate in the training programs for the New Castle County Hazardous Materials Response Alliance (NCCIHMRA) which is the volunteer HazMat team for the county.